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Kids Educational Toy

Kids Educational Toy


Baby learning path is very important as a parents. They start leaning when they are still in the belly (before birth).

They  are eager to learn about everything they see or surrounded them! No matter it is a new shape, color, texture, taste and sound. Everything is an interesting experience for them and they will learn from it!


While for Toddlers, they learn very fast during their early childhood. Well, to develop their imaginary skill and expand their knowledge, parents need to get them some kids educational toys, but make sure the toy is suitable for their age.

Cognitive development

Cognitive development is very important for an early learning. Engage your kids with a curious minds, makes them figure out how to solve a problem. They build their imagination and creativity through problem solving.

Research has confirm that the first five years are very important for the development of child’s brain. Early experiences provide the base for the brain’s organizational development and functioning throughout life. They have a direct impact on how children develop learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities. Click here to read more about early leaning.

Kids Educational Toy

Parents can start introducing simple alphabet puzzles, numbers and letters, this can give your kids a head start by introducing things they will be learning in preschool. Kids educational toys not only provide fun time for them, but they could learn from playing the toys.

Kids learn a lot from playing. Toys are more than fun and games. Some toys spark their creativity and imagination. Furthermore, It give them knowledge.

What kind of educational toys parents should buy?

Let me introduce a few toys you can get in Malaysia, which helps kids in developing their imagination, creativity and knowledge!

Kids Educational Toy
  1. Wooden Bead Maze

 Color and number concept.

Wooden Bead Maze – 2 lines

                                          Kids Educational Toy                    Kids Educational Toy 

Wooden Bead Maze – 3 lines

Kids Educational Toy            Kids Educational Toy

This helps the kids to identify the color of the beads and count the beads.


  1. Talking Pen

Kids will never get bored with it! A new way for kids to learn—Talking Pen will make storybook, poems, rhymes, etc. more interesting for kids, as well as improving their attention span!

Kids Educational Toy

Kids Educational Toy Kids Educational Toy

Talking Pen plays the contents of the textbooks in real time just with a simple touch.

Kids Educational Toy



3. Wooden Building block

Develop kids imagination and creativity. Helps in learning shapes and color of the wooden brick.

Kids Educational Toy

                           Kids Educational Toy Kids Educational Toy Kids Educational Toy Kids Educational Toy

Kids grow, learn and develop rapidly in their early years than at any other time. Parents plays an important role for their kids.

Kids Educational toys not only provide the fun but also knowledge for toddles. Let them gain knowledge and development while they play!

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