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Funny Gift Idea

funny gift idea

Are you looking for a creative and funny gift idea for the special one?

Every time when come to gift selection, you will be stressing out!


What does a gift have to be?

Sometime a gift doesn’t need to be expensive because..

gift idea malaysia

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.

Besides that, a simple gift  create happiness!

Give a gift of laughter!


funny gift idea

A funny gift would makes the day of someone. Why not?

Limited selection in the Shopping Mall

Wanted to look for something special but there are too limited selection out there.

Hanging around in the shopping mall to look for a gift, but you don’t see anything that you like or attract you.

Here, I found something interesting last night. So I thought to share with all of you.

Funny gift idea

Well, it is very suitable to give to people that always chase you away when you look for them.

Or someone that always forbidden you to touch their stuff, But you just couldn’t stop touching it!

Girlfriend or wife getting angry with you and you are looking for something to make them happy again? Perhaps a laugh?

Then this will be the best funny gift you can get for them!

Funny stress reduction box!!
don't touch box
Don’t Touch Box!


don't touch box

The reaction from the tiger is funny when you touch it!

Perfect gift

It come with 20 kinds of different action when you touch the button! Every action will have a unpredictable move that would make you laugh!

If you were looking for a gift that create fun time, Get this!

Have  a laugh and chase away the bad day!

Make your girlfriend, wife, kids, friends and family burst into laugh with this Don’t Touch tiger Box!

Gift giving doesn’t need to be happen only when there are special occasions.
A gift express how much you care and appreciate about someone.


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