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Binocular Digital camera Telescope

Binocular Digital Camera Telescope

Recently, I was looking for a gift for my friend who likes to travel a lot!

He is more a nature lover and had been to a lot of national park around the world.

traveler gift

What he do after he came back from a trip? Show me a lot pictures from his adventures!

Gift for Traveler

Then I start to browse on the internet what is the most suitable gift for a traveler.

Then I found an interesting one.

Nowadays, everything is digitalize. Including the binocular telescope.

Other than watching a far object with binocular telescope, you can now film it down as well, so you won’t miss out anything that is interesting!

I looked up on youtube, to see how to use the Binocular Digital camera telescope and I found this is very interesting!

I had decided to buy a Binocular Digital camera telescope for my friend who likes to travel a lot in the wild after the youtube video.

Then I try to search on Google for the recommendation of Binocular Digital camera telescope, what I need to consider when buying a Binocular telescope.

Here what I found:

  1. Lens objective size

Lens objective size is important, as larger lenses collect more light than smaller lenses.

  1. Field of View

This is the area you can see with binocular telescope. The size of objective lens will affect the field of view.

  1. Weather Proof Binoculars

Water can damage the equipment, therefore, waterproof binocular is important.

  1. Lens Coating

Protect lens from scratches, make it more durable.


There are recommendation for basic uses as well.

Different binocular have different uses.

For example, sport, marine, theater, bird watching, golfing, and stargazing.

Click here if you wish to know more about the specification of binocular telescope.

After reading the recommendation from the article, I went to search for a suitable one for my friend.

After all the comparison, this is what I found that consider quite good for general use.


Binocular Digital Camera Telescope
Binocular Digital Camera Telescope

Binocular Digital Camera Telescope     Binocular Digital Camera Telescope Binocular Digital Camera Telescope

  1. Binocular Specification: 12x magnification with a fully coated 32 mm objective lenses
  2. Anti-shake: Yes
  3. Built-in Memory
  4. small and light
  5. Photographs were captured with clear detail
  6. Dual function: Digital imaging and video recording


It come with a 4GB TF Card for photo and video storage.

The only thing is Item shipped from overseas, so make sure you order it earlier if it was a birthday gift. So it arrived on time.

Binocular Digital camera telescope

If you have a friend who likes to bird watching or stargazing, consider this Binocular Digital camera telescope as a gift for them.

Want to know more? Check it out here!

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