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Best BBQ Tool

best BBQ Tool

In Malaysia, It is always a good weather to make an outdoor BBQ activity! BBQ restaurant is everywhere, but nothing can beat your own home made BBQ!

Enjoying BBQ at home with friends and family, so much joy and fun!

From the previous article I did introduced the best BBQ Grill in Malaysia.

But Having a Good BBQ Grill is just not enough, what about the equipment?

You need a good equipment for your BBQ meat and vegetables!

Today I am going to share with you all, the Best BBQ Tool.

Bear Paws Meat Claw

Bear Paws Meat Claw is a must have BBQ equipment!

best BBQ Tool
Best BBQ Tool – Bear Paws


best BBQ Tool best BBQ Tool best BBQ Tool

Best BBQ Tool

It work on all kind of meat as long as it is a big piece of meat! Definitely a good tools for BBQ!

With the ultra sharp Claws, Lifting and Shredding meat perfectly without need to use a knife and fork. Keep your kitchen clean from mess and Hassle free!

 Ofcourse, BBQ is not always about meat, you can also use this bear paws to toss the salad!

best BBQ Tool

Quick and easy!

This bear paws are : 

Heat-resistant up to 475 degrees. 

Made of BPA-free nylon


It can be use on top of a hot grill! Do not need to worry if it will melt when the temperature is too high!


Use this bear paw to:

  1. Poke holes for marinating chicken
  2. Flip the meat on the Grill
  3. Shredding the chicken into pieces
  4. Tossing salad


It is a good gift for BBQ fanatics!

Click here for more info!


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