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Best Artificial Christmas Tree 2018

Nice Christmas decor

Christmas is around the corner! Feel the festive in the air!

Turning on radio and listening Christmas Carol, feel the joy and feel the Holiday!

We see Christmas decoration is everywhere now, the Christmas tree, the Poinsettia leaves, The décor on Christmas tree. Does it makes you feel like getting a Christmas tree at home too?

When I was a kid, my dream for each of the Christmas is getting a Christmas tree and decorates it! I always asked my dad if he can buy one Christmas tree, the artificial one. But, I didn’t get one.

When I grew up, finally having my own house and financially stable to get myself a tree, I mean, A REAL Christmas Tree from IKEA!  Bought the tree and drag it all the way to my house and before this, I have purchase all the Christmas Ornament for my lovely Christmas Tree!

I was so excited when I unpack my Christmas tree, the smell of the pine. I just could not forget about that! Then I start to decorate it, putting up the Ornament, one by one. After spend of hours, My Christmas tree is set up! Sitting on the couch, starring at the Christmas tree with the fairy lights on, Beautiful.

Then days by days, the needles from the tree falling bit by bit, how I afraid the needles drop off before Christmas has arrived. But, it survived! Still stay pretty until Christmas! Unwrapping the Christmas gift under the Christmas tree prepared by the family. What a wonderful Christmas!

After my first ever Christmas tree, I’ve decided to buy one the next year, but due to some internal issue, NO real Christmas tree is imported to sell in Malaysia. I was so disappointed, but I get myself an artificial Christmas tree. That’s not too bad actually, at least it’s recyclable.

After all these flash back memories, my purposed today is to introducing you all the best Artificial Christmas Tree you should get for your house!


The Best Artificial Christmas Tree 2018

The Christmas Tree comes in 3 sizes.

1.2 Meter Christmas Tree (FREE LED light and Décor Ornament)- RM99

1.8 Meter Christmas Tree (FREE LED light and Décor Ornament) – RM213.90

2.1 Meter Christmas Tree white needles – RM224

2.1 Meter Christmas Tree green needles – RM224

Well, If you want to get a 1.8 meter Christmas tree, get ready for the ladder to decorate the tree! Ofcourse, everyone have different preference.

A white Christmas needs a white Christmas tree. The pine tree cover in snow makes it look gorgeous! Although this it is just an artificial Christmas tree, but the feeling makes it a perfect White Christmas!

Best Artificial Christmas Tree Best Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Artificial Christmas Tree


Best Artificial Christmas Tree Best Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Artificial Christmas Tree
Comes with a Tree stand


The Stunning Christmas Tree Decor Idea

Got your tree. What about decor? See below the stunning Christmas Tree Decor Idea!

Nice Christmas decor


Nice Christmas decor

Nice Christmas decor

Nice Christmas decor


Want to see more example? Visit this website for more idea >> Country Living

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